Introducing SafetySwage

SafetySwage® was designed to be ultra compact for reaching difficult locations. If you have complex fitting assemblies that are hard to work with, SafetySwage® is your answer.

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Safety is #1

Quality and safety are crucial when working around dangerous assembly conditions. Documenting your installations increases control over your workplace. This is impossible with manual installation practices.

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Eliminating the Unknown

Improper fitting installations can contain hidden problems that are threatening to the safe operation of your facility. While these problems may not be visible, they still are dangerous. With SafetySwage you can be assured the fitting was installed to the manufacturer's recommendations.

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Welcome to American Power Tool:

American Power Tool Company is a solutions provider for high performance installation tools. We specialize in manufacturing precision equipment for critical fitting assemblies. With over 25 years of experience, our reputation speaks for itself. Our customers include Boeing, NASA, Hewlett-Packard, GM, BMW, Cummins Diesel, AMP, and many others.

We also are a solutions provider for custom engineered designs. Our engineering and design department is well experienced in solving difficult problems. Feel free to call us to discuss a custom solution to your problem.

Leaking Fittings are Dangerous